The most effective ED drug is kamagra

Erectile dysfunction - is man's inability to achieve normal full erection thus making it impossible sexual intercourse. In recent years, the development of erectile dysfunction - is a serious problem, since every year an increasing number of men who suffer from this disease. Unfortunately, to prevent the appearance of this disease is almost impossible, because the causes of this problem, there are many, whether it's stress, poor diet, chronic fatigue, or smoking and alcohol. But if it is very difficult to prevent the disease, then treat erectile dysfunction in our time have learned.

There are many drugs to treat erectile dysfunction and one of the most effective is kamagra.

Kamagra is generic drugs Viagra and contains in its composition of 100 mg of sildenafil - identical active ingredient contained in Viagra.

Kamagra helps restore normal male erection and maintain it, so that the patient can make a full and healthy sexual intercourse.

effect of the drug

SILDENAFIL TABLET action based on the increase in blood flow to the penis. After taking the drug, the active substances help to expand the erectile tissues of the penis and relax the smooth muscle of the penis. Because of this the penis begins to flow more blood, so that there is a strong and healthy erection.

Use of the drug helps to normalize the natural processes, but does not increase sexual desire and libido. An erection occurs when the natural desire and sexual stimulation.

After the end of sexual intercourse cavernous body taper and sexual organ comes out of the erect state. After repeated sexual stimulation penis fills with blood again, which could result in a powerful erection.

Application of kamagra

Before using the drug kamagra should contact the person who, examining your body will reveal the diagnosis, treatment, and dosage. Depending on the general health and severity of the disease, the dosage may be adjusted by your physician. Itself change the dose is not recommended as it may lead to undesirable consequences.

The drug is taken orally, about an hour before anticipated sexual intercourse with a glass of water. Kamagra is one of the fastest means by the addition of its constituent specific component of Apcalis. Action Kamagra will start 10-15 minutes after taking the pill. And if you take Kamagra Oral Jelly on an empty stomach, the absorption will happen instantly, and you'll be ready.

Eating fatty foods and alcohol slow down the absorption and thus the maximum effect of the drug occurs slowly. It is worth remembering that SILDENAFIL TABLET should not take more than 1 time per day.


Consultation with your doctor is important to familiarize yourself with all the contraindications for use. Accounting contraindications help avoid unwanted reaction from the body and to achieve the maximum and rapid effect. In some diseases reception Kamagra may be restricted or even prohibited, so your doctor and should prescribe the correct and most effective course of treatment.

Contraindications include:

diseases of the circulatory system
gastric ulcer
the liver and kidneys
deformation of the penis
hypersensitivity to the drug
It is necessary to remember that Kamagra is forbidden to accept women and children under 18 years.

Side Effects

Side effects are usually mild and their appearance almost imperceptibly. Kamagra is a safe drug and those side effects that may occur on certain factors do not adversely affect the body.

Side effects include: headache, dizziness, allergies, vision changes, abdominal pain, back flushing.