Small apartment in Istanbul

When buying a house or apartment in Turkey, the owner automatically gets the right to issue a residence permit for themselves and their family members.

Over the past 10-15 years, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in the rest of Turkey. And this season is forecast agency, the flow of Ukrainian tourists in this country will be more, as a trip to the Crimea canceled. By the way, not all of our fellow citizens stay in hotels. Many people prefer to buy apartments in Turkey and come to rest at any time. Besides, as it turned out, to invest in the Turkish real estate is quite profitable.

On peculiarities of real estate market in Turkey and the acquisition of apartments order in this country, "FACTS" said managing partner Hayat Estate.
- Who can buy property in Turkey? Are there any special requirements for the citizens of Ukraine?
- Today in Turkey there are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate by foreigners. By 2012, it is allowed to do only to citizens of countries that allowed the Turks to buy real estate on its territory. Now this rule was abolished.
- This applies to both buildings and land?
- A natural person may acquire not only a house or apartment, but also a piece of land on which they are located. The document clearly states on the property: for the host, for example, the villa is secured land. So if you bought apartments in the 20-apartment building, the 1/20 part of the land where there is a residential complex, belongs to you. And it specifies a particular site.

And that's just the earth has the right to buy only a legal entity. But this is not a problem, because the non-resident may open a company and making a purchase on it. Company Registration is 1,5-2 thousand euros.
- Does any preferences foreigner, buying a house?

- All the rules of acquisition, registration, taxation are the same for Turkish citizens and foreigners. Although the most popular among Ukrainians areas (Istanbul, Alanya, Kemer) there are unspoken rules of loyalty. There is an opportunity to significantly understate the estimated value of real estate to reduce the additional costs of foreign buyers. This also applies to the resale and rental. The authorities turn a blind eye, as foreigners are investing real money in the economy, and they are trying to create the most comfortable conditions.

- Buying property gives the Ukrainians the right to obtain a residence permit?
- As soon as you become the owner of a house or apartment, automatically you get the right to issue a residence permit (permit). The procedure is quick and easy. It is necessary to design up to 100 euros. Give a residence permit in the first year, then extended for two years, for two more years, and then, after five years, you can get Turkish citizenship. It is worth noting that the residence permit is given not only the customer, but also to all the members of his family. Sometimes, a few people, for example three, invest in real estate, buying a purse apartments. In this case, the residence permit is given to the families of the three owners of the object. The acquisition of one of the apartment allows to issue a residence permit of ten citizens.

- What kind of properties can buy a foreigner and that usually choose our compatriots?
- You can buy any real estate, both residential and commercial. Primarily interested in Alanya, Istanbul. In second place in popularity - Istanbul. Then - the other resorts on the Mediterranean and Aegean seas: Side, Marmaris, Belek, Fethiye, Kemer, Bodrum.
- Ukrainians are investing in a house or buy it more likely for personal recreation?
- Buying property in Turkey - is in any case a good investment. Approximately one-third of citizens to choose new or built houses to then resell the apartment or just to save their investments. Turkey's economy - one of the fastest growing in the world. Over the past 12 years the country has risen in the world ranking from 80 th to 15 th place on the size of the economy. As a consequence, real estate is constantly going up.

The rest of the buyers use a house for rest and take in the arena.
- What draws foreigners buying real estate?
- Now, this process does not differ from the standard for the residents. Previously, citizens of other countries need to obtain permission of the military department, which takes two months. Now the document is released to the developer at the stage of construction of the house and is automatically extended to all buyers of apartments. Therefore, registration of the transaction takes one or two days. The main thing is to have a passport and money. By the way, in Turkey you can pay in cash, and the sources of revenue there is not checked.

The order of registration of such. First of all you need to get a tax number and open a Turkish bank. This is done for the day, without queuing, bribery and other "charms" inherent in our market. Many Ukrainians do not believe my eyes when in the Turkish tax office they will be met with a smile, give to drink tea, and after ten minutes with words of gratitude issued the document with a tax number.

However, if a person at the same time draws a residence permit, the process is sometimes delayed for a week or two. But it is not necessary to obtain a residence permit when buying a home, you can do it later. The final stage of the transaction is the issue of the so-called buyer Tapu.

- What it is?
- In Turkey, the titular system of registration of rights to real estate. That is right, you can arrange in a single state body - the cadastral management, which eliminates any fraud. Tapu - title document on real estate and land. It contains information about the owners, pasted their photos, there is basic information about the property and its value. The Tapu area indicates not only apartments but also the land. Entered address of the house, apartment or villa and cadastral parcel number. And already in the inventory contains detailed information about who owned the land and property before, if debt burdens are ...
It should be noted that in Turkey there is no mandatory notarization of the transaction. The seller and the buyer to apply to state cadastre management. Tapu Seller shall be canceled and the purchaser issued a document in his name, with a photograph. The information is immediately updated in the electronic register. This eliminates any fraudulent schemes involving private notaries.
- How much is the registration of real estate purchase?

- Tapu costs about 4 percent of the appraised value of the property. So often sellers offer the buyer to understate the figure, thus reducing its costs. Plus the cost of registration, registration counters, and so on. Additional costs account for another 2 percent of the purchase price. In short, if you pay in full, without understating generally get 5-7 percent.
- Who can I ask for help to buy a property with minimal losses?
- The Real Estate Agency, to the developer. But here arises another problem: how to choose an agent? I advise you to carefully approach this issue. You need to go to those who have already proven themselves in the market, and not to the person sitting with beautiful booklets in a tent on the waterfront. The easiest way to contact the agency in Ukraine: the price is the same, but the comfort and ease of maintenance - is much higher.

- Turkish banks give mortgages to foreigners?
- Our fellow citizens to take the credit in the Turkish bank is easier than in Ukrainian. The loan is issued for no more than half the value of the object under 7-8 per cent per annum and secured by real estate. If the client does not pay the debt within six months, the deposit goes into the bank's ownership. The law works well. There are no long-term trials, no legal loopholes like living in the flat minor children. But if a person regularly pays, it will always go forward, even in the case of temporary financial difficulties. The main thing that all was fair. Some Ukrainians are buying on credit several apartments, rent them out, and for the money to pay debts. When the loan is repaid, apartments or sell at a substantial profit, or continue to rent. Note that prices in Turkey are denominated in euros. Therefore, we can get a good profit by buying an apartment for 50 thousand and sold it three years later for 70 thousand.

By the way, in addition to the credits in Turkish popular installments from developers. For example, if you buy apartments under construction, is making an entry fee, you can pay the remaining amount of parts to complete the construction, sometimes even after. Moreover, no interest is not charged, and the price does not change, despite the fact that as the cost of construction of houses is increasing. For example, at the time of booking apartment cost 50 thousand euro, for commissioning has risen to 65 million, but you still pay 50 thousand euro. For reservations the apartment and fix its current price is enough to make a couple of thousand euros.
- What types of apartments are the most popular among our fellow citizens?

- Turkey has its own grading. The basis is studio apartment, where the kitchen is connected with living room (by the way, this plan kitchens in all houses). It is clear that there is a bathroom with a bathtub. If you add a bedroom, then it is called 1 + 1 if the two bedrooms - 2 + 1. Two-level apartment with two kitchens, living rooms and three bedrooms - 3 + 2. Well takdalee. The most popular apartments - 1 + 1 and 2 + 1.
- For such housing prices are high?
- Longest running property in new complex located in Istanbul and Alanya, is from 50-70 thousand (1 + 1) up to 60-90 thousand euros (2 + 1). In the secondary market price it depends on when the apartment complex was built. If it is old, built 15-20 years ago, with a simplified infrastructure (up to the pool), and trim the apartment 1 + 1 an area of ​​60-65 square meters can be bought for 27-30 thousand euros and 2 + 1 an area of ​​about 80 square meters - 35 thousand euro. In fact, selling Kiev, "Dormitory", you will get a small apartment on the Mediterranean coast.

- How much is in Turkey and maintenance of housing need to pay for that?
- First of all taxes paid annually at a rate of 0.2 per cent of the appraised value of the property. If the apartment is worth 50 thousand euros, the tax will be 100 euros per year. There are aydat - rent. However, there are people clearly understand what he pays for, given all of the services provided.

On the ground floor of each house lives the caretaker in charge of cleanliness and order. In Turkey, the residents can not stand trash bags, it makes a caretaker house. You pay for the cut of the lawn, cleaning the pool, sauna, hammam, which are all relatively new apartment complexes.

- And what is the amount?
- Fork is quite large: from 10 euros per month in older homes without a pool to 150-200 euros in a luxury complex with a helipad, tennis courts and skating rinks. But in ordinary homes with all the necessary infrastructure, the price is between 30 and 70 euros. This amount does not include charges for electricity and water counters. For example, a family living in an apartment 2 + 1 for all services pay about 60-80 euros per month. Get more information on

- What are the pitfalls when buying property and land? What you should pay attention not to be deceived or not to overpay?
- The risk is less than in Ukraine, but they are still there. For example, you can buy apartments in the complex, which will not be completed. It is necessary to study the history of the developer. If this is his first project, it is best to not invest his money. In general, the purchase of the construction phase risks are minimal. Firstly, there is a strict monitoring and control by the state in issuing construction licenses and permits. Second, large companies can provide the bank guarantee that the facility will be completed. Third, according to the contract the developer pays the buyer a large penalty in case of delay in putting the house in operation.

In the secondary market may be problems with public debt of the previous owner. In my practice was a case. But the existence of debt is easy to check.

In fact, with the help of a realtor or a lawyer, you can quickly and thoroughly verify the whole history of property and protect themselves against unpleasant surprises. Buyer better contact is not a construction company, and by market professionals. Because the developer will offer only their complexes, and the agency - suitable buyer options from dozens of companies. In addition, real estate agents have full information about the developer and know with whom you can do business with. The price for the customer is the same. He turned to the developer or agency - the value will not change and no commission charge will not.