ESports = sport!

Discharge "Master of Sports of Russia" in League of Legends? The educational program for trainers? Russian Cup on computer sport? These phrases are no longer like the dreams of the distant future. Today, the domestic e-sports goes to a new level - now it is included in the official register of types of Russian sport. The future is already here!
In recent years, computer sport got a multimillion army of spectators and an impressive prize pools, and the dynamics of its development staggering, even the most skeptical critics. Computer games gradually cease to be a lot of teenagers and the object of dissatisfaction of the older generation, and professional competitive players need specific mechanical skills, strategic thinking and the ability to work in a team - just like the professionals in the "big sports".
In Russia, the attitude to e-sports has always been special. That Russia was the first country in the world to recognize the computer as an official sport - it happened in 2001. However, in 2006 the decision was canceled due to non-compliance of certain conditions in the regions. The issue was postponed, and only ten years later, justice has been done - June 7, 2016 published by order of the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy, under which the e-sports included in the official register of types of Russian sport.
"To recognize and include in the first section of the All-Russian register of sports - recognized sports (except for military applications, service and application, national sports, and sports being developed at the national level) sport" computer sport "."
The Order will come into force after 10 days from the date of publication.
What does this mean and why is it good?

Lessons cybersport not yet be in schools, pensions and competitive players in the near future is not worth to expect. Computer sport is included in the first section of the All-Russian register of sports, and it is not yet a national or "developing on the national level." However, official recognition at the national level - it is a huge step forward, raising eSports to the next level, and putting it on a par with football or hockey.
Now cyber competitions will be officially - under the direct influence of the Ministry of Sports and the professional players are able to achieve the traditional "big sports" bits "Master of Sports of Russia", "International Master of Sports" and "Honored Master of Sports of Russia." This helps to increase the prestige and awareness-Russian competitive players and coaches. For the latter, by the way, it provides for the development of educational programs for the preparation of compositions.

All major changes and launch the mechanism of mass popularization takes time, but the process has already started to move. Due to the recognition of eSports, the industry gets more stable economic development in all aspects, by attracting even more new audience - ranging from direct spectators and participants, and ending with the sponsors and renowned organizations. The more eSports removed from the classic paradigm of "games - entertainment and not a sport" and becoming more mature and institutionalized, the more big names and brands will appear on the domestic scene. With the expansion of the audience will increase the competitiveness of the stage and level of the players - another important step for the development of Russia in terms of the strength of the region in the global eSports arena. Progresses and media coverage of major eSports tournaments and events. Remember broadcast the World Cup finals on TV channel 2x2 and the number of reports on the finals LCL on popular channels and the famous bloggers? This is only the beginning.
What happens to e-sports in other countries?

Of course, the development of e-sports pass at a faster pace over the world. And this is not just a whim of professional players who officially called "real athletes." Legalization computer sport contributes to the solution of many important problems that proigroki faced for a long time.

Perhaps the most vivid example of the triumph of eSports as a national pride is South Korea. Its history goes back to the late 1990s, but because South Korean e-sports model looks idealized and distant from the Russian and even European game everyday. Broadcasting major events are held on the famous TV channels, which bring together almost all the family, and the popularity of competitive players is comparable to the level of popularity of film stars and footballers in Europe and America. The phenomenon is so reverent attitude to eSports in Korea due to its long history and solid support at the state level - something to which other regions to overcome the way in a few years in length. However, the mechanisms eSports legalization at the state level are successfully operating in other, more conservative countries in terms of sports.
For example, the United States of America are also interested in the development of e-sports. Even in 2013, the discipline League of Legends has been recognized as an official sport, and regional championships are on par with the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL. Tournaments are held on a huge world-class stadiums, and in 2016 America takes World Championship League of Legends. Professional players - a true athlete in America, they can get a visa as a true professional-level athletes. This means that the players in LoL from other countries can live and work in the United States (participating in the NA LCS) for the classically visas athletes. Work towards the recognition of eSports as a legitimate sport are held in many countries - for example, most recently the French government announced plans to legalize and regulate the computer sport.

Today, computer sports in the world is entering a new, completely different level. Esports betting are taking over bookmakers. Congratulations to the new revolution in the development of domestic e-sports!