Bankruptcy as a business rescue

Ignorance of the law of the debtor puts at a disadvantage. Dishonest participants of the bankruptcy case is ignorance wrapped in their favor, completely depriving the debtor's business.

Roman teal arbitration manager
The institution of bankruptcy more than one hundred years. Bankruptcy - a mechanism to keep the business, pay off all creditors.
Salvation business through bankruptcy - a normal practice in the civilized world. Benefitted not only the debtor, but the state - saved jobs, there are more effective owners.

On the one hand, the legislation under the threat of sanctions requires the head of the organization, the presence of certain symptoms, apply to the arbitration court for bankruptcy. Note that the economic crisis has such features almost every enterprise. On the other hand, the government sees this malice managers and owners, accusing them unreasonably deliberate and fraudulent bankruptcy, tax evasion and non-payment of wages.
Interim Manager

The situation is clarified by the results of monitoring procedures. In accordance with the law on bankruptcy in as interim manager is to analyze the financial condition of the debtor and the preparation of opinions on the presence or absence of signs of intentional / fraudulent bankruptcy. Will also help to monitor the economic and legal situation of the company, conducting accounting and legal audit (audit of anti-crisis) and drawing the appropriate conclusions.
At this stage, it becomes clear that the company is indeed in a difficult economic situation. Filing a bankruptcy petition was due to objective external and internal factors (fall in world prices for products of the debtor, obsolete equipment, insufficient qualified staff). Delays in the payment of wages and to settle with creditors are not associated with premeditated actions of company management.
However, the bankruptcy procedure is already underway and reverse it almost impossible. And here at the lack of understanding processes can be left with nothing: the removal of the owner of the management of all business transactions, trading and sales business for a pittance.
Against the owner

Law-abiding businessman for protection from creditors in a difficult economic situation has filed for bankruptcy. At first, the tension subsides: suspend the execution of the obligations unlocked bank accounts, which can accumulate funds to exit the crisis.
But this - the first stage, and then begins the bankruptcy proceedings (application of the system of trading). In practice, the bankruptcy proceedings - the most that neither is a selective, for those who, as they say, "in the subject." Primarily for arbitration administrator and a small part of the majority of creditors. Bankruptcy turns against the owner of the business.
Output - not just bankruptcy and controlled bankruptcy. Debtor in a bankruptcy case is a key player, which provided all the necessary rights.
Often these rights are neglected due to lack of understanding and knowledge of the legislation. The presence of such opportunities will help with much smaller losses to overcome difficult times bankruptcy of your business. Otherwise dishonest participants of bankruptcy proceedings immediately wrapped your ignorance to their advantage.
Save your business visit

Specialists consultancy arbitration manager Roman CHirkova ready for any stage of bankruptcy to offer effective measures to preserve the business as a single functioning mechanism. Carrying out anti-crisis audit, development of its results and professional implementation of the action plan will:
• avoid the sale of the debtor's property in parts for a song;
• preserve jobs;
• begin the process to restore solvency;
• exclude the involvement of the civil administrative and criminal responsibility to control the organs of the debtor (CEO, chief accountant, senior managers and founders).
The result is not only the preservation of the business, but its revival in the updated, more efficient and sustainable manner, as well as full repayment of the debt.