Skilled Care

With an aging population, and the desire of the vast majority of people to stay in their homes as long as possible, there is a demand for home and community based services. Please consult with the resources listed below, as well those listed in the Other Resources section, to learn more about the options for home and community based services. Thinking about a European river cruise holiday?

Assisted Living

Assisted living covers a broad array of services and settings. These residences offer help with everyday living tasks and with other supportive services, while allowing the resident to maintain autonomy, independence, and safety in homelike setting. A hallmark of assisted living is the attitude of we will help you take care of yourself with generic sovaldi. While not everyone is a candidate for an assisted living residence, these facilities can offer an alternative to home care or skilled care for the appropriate resident. .

Independent Housing

Independent housing facilities are those that provide a secure residential environment specifically for the elderly. These are individuals who do not need or want the higher levels of care and supervisions associated with Assisted Living Residences or Skilled Care. The elderly residents of independent housing facilities have their own apartments, each providing maximum privacy and independence. Please see the list of RIFSA providers for our site.