Third Age. Time to create

In his youth, it seems that old age begins at 30. At 45 you realize that everything is still ahead. In 60 guess that as long as you're on your feet, nothing is lost. And in 70 years is: you can finally start to do things he had dreamed all his life... Old age - the age of creativity, say scientists psychophysiologists.

What is creativity

- It is man's ability to create something new but it can manifest itself in different ways. In tests on creativity we propose to construct a complete test figures of different graphic elements - wave curve etc. One person can jot down a lot of ideas in 15 minutes. Second - only 10, but they will all be original. The third difference that it uses every one of the proposed fragments. And all this is creativity - even at the expense of fluency, though at the expense of originality, though at the expense of diversity. Creativity factor is high at all - it just reflects our individual characteristics.

Yes, we are different. Some work by thrust his head and constant labor, other - due to the fact that the original, third - shrewdness. A need those, and others, and others. But scientists know that while our brain works differently, and it was he who dictates the behavior and strategies in education and in life.

In the wake of your memory

Brain electrical activity has. For each of his condition characterized by waves of different ranges: during sleep - theta and delta (0.3 to 7 Hz ) during wakefulness - beta and alpha ( from 9 to 30 hertz ).

  Alpha rhythm is representative of the creative process. Scientists enough to measure its frequency range and to understand what we can do. Conversely, some progress - evidence characteristics of the alpha rhythm. So if its frequency is high, and a lot of people able to work productively, he honors the history or math, a good worker. And if this rhythm is also a wide range, so there is a great and creative abilities.

  These characteristics of the brain allow for early professional and creative selection. If a teenager with high frequency of alpha rhythm, which means he has plenty of memory, perseverance, able to focus. You can choose a profession related to information technology, the need to work hard.