What affects the psychological state of the elderly?

The main fear of an elderly person is designated in one word - "unnecessary". Even with perfect care people do not feel involved in the society, to family, friends, fade very quickly. Hence the conclusion that it is necessary to involve as much as possible in everyday human family matters, as long as possible to keep him perform simple duties. It is important to maintain mobility and mental equilibrium. At the same time mature tire quickly, easily lose track of the conversation, forget about what was discussed. Therefore, if you are in a conversation with them, turn off the TV or stereo system, improve mutual understanding. The older a person is, the harder it is to be in a large society: he lost sounds merge into a uniform hum, against which it is difficult to make sense of the conversation. That is why coming to visit several people can be a disaster for the elderly. Talk face to face - you help an old man feel much calmer.

Forgetfulness in the elderly becomes a real problem. Very often it is the first symptom of dementia (dementia). Slow down this process can be, if we understand the mechanism of short-term memory lapses: a man remembers his wedding day, describes in detail the birth of the first child or the end of the war, but can not give a confident answer, he lunched today. Experts say that while the memory is like a roped off section of the field where there is a gate. Information that has passed through the gate, remains in place, but the gates are closed - and nothing else can not penetrate inside. Therefore, do not abuse the elderly person. Say: "Have you had breakfast today," but adds: "Do not you remember? " Otherwise you may upset him for the whole day.

When the disease is enhanced tablets help with explanations attached to objects, appliances and doors of rooms. If a person begins to confuse the days of the week, months and dates will tear-off calendar, pictures of loved ones with large signatures on the walls. Try not to change the usual stop - even change bedspreads may confuse the old man, he would not know where he was sleeping.