How to lose weight after 50

The decision to get rid of excess weight is wise at any age, but is especially important for persons over 50 years. Excess body fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

In addition, too much weight can cause damage to the knee, as feet have to bear the brunt of our body. Weight loss strategy after 50 has the features associated with the amount of physical activity and exercise.

With age the human capacity for physical activity. Therefore, after a certain age should avoid doing strenuous exercise, aimed at weight loss.

Is it really to lose weight after 50 is not more difficult than, for example, 25. If you decide to lose weight, achieving persistent weight loss can bring you the pleasant sensation. The best way to throw off the weight after 50 - is to abandon a sedentary lifestyle and prefer healthy food.


Overweight signals that has accumulated too much fat. Absorption of high-calorie foods - the worst enemy on the way to a healthy weight loss. So throw this same habit enjoy food containing harmful to the body fat!

Daily consumption of pizza, burgers and fried foods ( chicken legs, for example) is the main cause of weight gain. These products are overloaded harmful fats, so their inclusion in the diet causes the appearance of being overweight in humans. In order to achieve weight loss after 50, mainly food should consist of a variety of vegetables, lean cuts of meat, whole grains, and seafood ( fish ), since all these products are low in fat and rich in essential nutrients.

Fruits should also be added to the diet, promote weight loss, as they are very beneficial to health.

Weight loss also depends on the rate of metabolism ( metabolism), which is the process of converting ingested food into energy. Accelerated metabolism may play a decisive role in reducing weight in less time.