Proper diet in old age

For good health and attractive appearance of the people aged should follow their way of life and, as for the most basic diet. If you eat right, then the body will avoid a lot of different diseases. Later in this article we will talk about nutrition elderly.

Old age comes to all, because it is a natural biological process that comes to all. Throughout the life of human influence on not only inherited genetic factors, but also external factors and internal nature.

Results of recent decades comforting: decreased number of deaths due to cardiac and brain activity due to the recovery diet, smoking cessation, prevention of obesity associated with immoderate consumption of fats and carbohydrates (especially sugar), weight loss.

What affects the psychological state of the elderly?

The main fear of an elderly person is designated in one word - "unnecessary". Even with perfect care people do not feel involved in the society, to family, friends, fade very quickly. Hence the conclusion that it is necessary to involve as much as possible in everyday human family matters, as long as possible to keep him perform simple duties. It is important to maintain mobility and mental equilibrium. At the same time mature tire quickly, easily lose track of the conversation, forget about what was discussed. Therefore, if you are in a conversation with them, turn off the TV or stereo system, improve mutual understanding. The older a person is, the harder it is to be in a large society: he lost sounds merge into a uniform hum, against which it is difficult to make sense of the conversation. That is why coming to visit several people can be a disaster for the elderly. Talk face to face - you help an old man feel much calmer.

Third Age. Time to create

In his youth, it seems that old age begins at 30. At 45 you realize that everything is still ahead. In 60 guess that as long as you're on your feet, nothing is lost. And in 70 years is: you can finally start to do things he had dreamed all his life... Old age - the age of creativity, say scientists psychophysiologists.

- It is man's ability to create something new but it can manifest itself in different ways. In tests on creativity we propose to construct a complete test figures of different graphic elements - wave curve etc. One person can jot down a lot of ideas in 15 minutes. Second - only 10, but they will all be original. The third difference that it uses every one of the proposed fragments. And all this is creativity - even at the expense of fluency, though at the expense of originality, though at the expense of diversity. Creativity factor is high at all - it just reflects our individual characteristics.

Prevention and treatment osteoporosis

After 40 years of human bones gradually lose their density and become brittle, which is a natural part of aging. The best way to prevent and treat osteoporosis is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

  Osteoporosis - a disease in which bones become fragile - has no symptoms and is found most often after fractures. Every second woman and every fifth man over the age of 50 bone breaks because of this disease. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or you just want to strengthen their bones to prevent fractures, there are several methods that are useful for both prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

How to lose weight after 50

The decision to get rid of excess weight is wise at any age, but is especially important for persons over 50 years. Excess body fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

In addition, too much weight can cause damage to the knee, as feet have to bear the brunt of our body. Weight loss strategy after 50 has the features associated with the amount of physical activity and exercise.

With age the human capacity for physical activity. Therefore, after a certain age should avoid doing strenuous exercise, aimed at weight loss.

Anti Aging Eye Skincare

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive. Of course, the structure is not particularly distinguishable from the rest of the skin, under the skin of eyelids but virtually no muscle or subcutaneous fat, however, it is most prone to stretching, and the first folds appear most precisely on the skin around the eyes. Even if you are still young, and your skin age is in good condition, flat and smooth, do not neglect the care of it.